creative recreation.

Brand discovery! Well, actually I might be sounding like a complete noob with the sneaker freakers. But came across sneaker brand Creative Recreation and loving the colours. Autumn/Winter season is creepin’ up on us here in OZland, so a little refreshing the wardrobe is what we stylin’ babies are looking forward to! I’m really diggin’ hi-top style kicks – vintage leather biker jacket, graphic tee, tuck skinnys into the hi-tops & leave the tongue hanging loosely out – can you see it? can you see it!! XD yea i’m getting super excited !

SPRING 08 Galow hi-Metallic Silver Gold White

HOLIDAY 08 Cesario – Black White Neon

Hope I didn’t get too overboard, but so many colours and I’m not really the decisive type when it comes to these things. What’s ya flava ?