Recently a friend came back from HK looking super cool with a new pair of Dr Martens.  I remembered back to when I had DM’s was when I started high school.  Back then, having a pair of boot dm’s was like being into the gothic scene.   That was some years ago.

Now, DM’s gonna be a must have for this winter!  Can’t wait to refresh my wardrobe.

All I see around the place are very tired looks and basics. Please bring back some stylin’ peeps!!
Charmaine here rocking vintage red 1460  8 eye boots.


DM’s showing that they’re not ‘out’ by bringing out the Pascal 8 eye boot collection ~
Actually, this reminds me of Nylon x Nike Dunk High~~


Yup you guessed it – Steven Sprouse for DMs.  He loves his signature graffiti look doesn’t he.


I’m pretty sure these aren’t DMs but these look really good on upcoming talent Sukie Chung (鍾舒淇)Sherman Chung’s (鍾舒漫) lil sister.  She really has her own unique style in both appearance and music.  Person to look out for this yr!