hard sell.

All the promotional work today at market day was tiring but fun.  Talk to a lot of ppl, handed out popcorn this and that.
Just came across a few things today which is getting me very excited about.

My Apple RSS feed popped up introducing Safari 4 web browser which looks super super cool.  There’s cover flow, grid preview of your top sites, history search with preview as well and very nice layout.  (Though the history search does get me abit nervous.)  Apple Mac never disappoints me!  Its just so much more logical, sharper, reliable and best of all, so much PRETTIER!   Also available for windows btw for those who are still in denial; and the one person who wishes for the day that Macs get viruses so he could shut me up about Windows.


Loving these kicks!!! I really love going to places like Hype and special shops on Brunswick just to see different style sneakers & shoes and the crazy awesome colours they come in.  Came across these Nylon Magazine X Nike Sportswear Dunk High in yellow on nitrolicious.com.   When they come out in June, I really wanna get a pair.  But I can’t decide which colour ><