begin love, end hate.




I’m seeing love appearing in many different forms.
It doesn’t always have to be said out aloud.
It doesn’t need to be something significant.
Just pay attention to the detail, and you will feel it.

Wish everyone will feel the love around you, whether or not you are in a relationship, or not, family or friends.

Its nearly the wrap up of the summer holidays and I feel that I have really made the most of this break.  I’ve accomplished the things I set out to do in the beginning, and have planned for the times ahead.  There’s no room for error now and no excuses.  I’ve promised myself that this year, I’m going to have more time to myself.  This time will be spent on enhancing myself in every way cos I believe people should always improve themselves and achieve as many things as possible. 

I will get out of old habits and into healthier routines this year. 
I have a whole list of ‘to-dos’.  Can’t wait to check them off, one by one.

Getting what you want may mean stepping out of your comfort zone and doing unfamiliar things. 
But in doing so, you are one step closer.  


Life is too short to be lazy or wait for something good to happen to you.






p.s. photography page updated.