sick as.

I haven’t been sick for awhile, so now that its catching up with me, its hit me pretty hard.  The most uncomfortable feeling when your whole body aches, skin is sore & sensitive, and feeling cold with goosebumps then sweating like crazy from being too hot. Then, to lighten up the whole situation, I had double the amount of medication required within an hour… which was probably what was making me sweat so much.  Now, I have also completely lost my voice.  This is all within 24 hrs.  Damn.  

Anyway, this whole week off has been very productive.  Got my room painted; furniture assembled; caught up with friends; had chinese new year dinner with family.  Thanks so much to bb* and Jay for helping!  A new environment really freshens me  up. This will definitely give me the boost I need to be initiative & organized this year.





















Today is a good day to be at home since Australian Open is on.  Quite disappointed that Ana Ivanovic has been defeated! 😦 But a good comeback by Jelena Dokic after so much drama in the previous years.  Roger Federer is still ahead of the game and beat the very entertaining Marat Safin last night.  By the way Marat was playing and presenting himself, it seems he doesn’t confidence and lacks the fire he once had before.  I think he will retire soon.  















Finally up to date with Gossip Girls.  Came across Leona Lewis “I Will Be” video featuring Chase Crawford. What an amazing voice!