money matters.

I’m surprised that such a lazy day at home could give me a headache for a whole day.  Maybe I still need to catch up on sleep missed from the parties and random late nights recently.  I quite enjoy my days at home.  It gives me space and time to organise and think.

Most of my time goes to calculating my finances, making shopping lists and planning on how to organise my room. 

The credit card bill has come again.  I’m dreading this one in particular because of my Christmas splurges.  December is just that month where all the retailer’s advertising makes all consumers particularly vulnerable.  
You buy because its ‘tradition’.  
You buy because its on sale.
You buy because you can. 
You buy because everyone else is buying.

I remember a few Christmas’ ago, I dreaded going to work.  Back then, I was in the mindset of working as comfortably as I want, that is, if it gets too much, take days off or when asked to work extra days, say no.  Immature really.  
But now, I say ‘yes’ to any extra shifts I can get.  My mind is focused on one thing:  money.  Once this first step is underway, second and most enjoyable step is to decide what to buy.  Though, I should really focus on saving rather than spending. 
The more I think about it, the more I want to find a job which gets me more pay but for lesser hours.   But even with money, each thing must be prioritized to maximise satisfaction from the process of earning and spending.  

What do I want? 
   What do I need?

How much does it cost?
   How much do I have? 

What do I want to do with it?  
   Does it help me with my goal? 

With taking on more responsibility, I have changed my perspective from working to spending on myself to spending for myself AND family and friends.  Sometimes there’s more satisfaction in spending on someone else than yourself.  Learn to spend with happiness, not stress.  Even if its things we love to hate like insurance, spend it with the thought it will come back to you and your family as a benefit rather than be engulfed thinking about it as a liability. 



Spend hard.
But work even harder.