summer christmas

 Seemed like only just yesterday since we celebrated Christmas – traditionally spent at mum and her bff’s place for dinner then mahjonging for the adults overnight.  This year was a little different:  buffet dinner at Korean BBQ then off to party at the Mantra.  Organising for an event always causes some stress and unplanned things to happen.  But this was totally worth it. 



 Ordinary games like charades, cards & poker seemed so much more fun since we haven’t had many gatherings for awhile now.  Most of us pretty much KO’d not long after we officially said “Merry Christmas” to everyone.  Mimi & Ricky – you guys should’ve stayed just a little bit longer for the truth or dare. lol. Next time!  Note to self:  don’t leave softdrink in the freezer.  In the middle of the night, the freezer door popped open and a can of Mother actually exploded.  Mother slushee was quite nice though. 

Christmas day was spent at the beach on the Gold Coast.  This meant a tanning session to even up my tan. Didn’t really work out for me since the day got pretty cloudy.  Chillaxing on the beach whilst getting over a hangover was much needed.  Dinner at Pha & Chatty’s place. Thanks to auntie Wongwichit for her kind hospitality and delicious thai dinner.