I’ve been quite focused on work in the past month. Although I don’t do any heavy lifting or anything physically strenuous, work has been very tiring. Standing is tiring. Talking is tiring. Boredom is tiring. Hence, by the time I finish work and prepare myself for the fun stuff afterwards, I have no energy & feels like I’m very laggy. Maybe I’m getting over loud and crazy stuff lately. Instead, I have a preference for chilling at a cafe` or chatting over nice dinner or drinks at a lounge; watch DVDs/dramas. Hope after this christmas crazy time, I’ll have time to refresh myself.
Dark Chocolate Chilli Mocha


Things to do:

  • Plan Christmas
  • List of New Years Resolutions
  • New diary
  • Save money
  • Paint my room & set up new table (YES! I FINALLY BOUGHT THE GLASS TABLE!)
  • Get a Blackberry
  • Go to a Coldplay concert

Work Xmas party – The C’Dale!