busy bee.

This week has been the most hectic.  Normally, I would just be going on about work life and annoying renovations. But, last saturday as I was leaving work in the car park, a maxi-taxi ran into my car!! Extremely annoyed at the time because I knew how much inconvenience it would cause and ruin all my plans!!  Oh well, it happened, and the only thing I can do is be more organised with taking it to the repairer and sorting things out.

After Saturday, we all decided to get loose at our drinks night at Jason & Sophia’s.  Our excuses for a party included pre-xmas party, party-before-exam-results-release, extremely belated bday party for chatty…any of the above will do.   It was fun night with you guys and hope we can do it again before we all go FT or go overseas 😦


Our fruit punch was quite good!







🙂 b had a little too many….


Results released on Thursday.  Can’t say I’m too happy with myself.  I just choke when it comes to exams and end up with a disappointing score.  I guess I realised a little too late.  My memory is like that of a grandma. Someone pointed out that I think too much; have too much going on in my head that makes it harder to concentrate and memorise stuff.  It has only become evident now that I was playing too much – obviously too late to realise.  It has already been 2 years since the start of my dual degree in Law & Arts, and yet I’m struggling to grasp the skill to doing well in Law exams.  I have already got this conception in my head that I’m doomed to just ‘pass’ and is not capable of getting any higher mark, and that my memory is horrible.  And because of these thoughts, I was going to defer one my exams.  Because of the persistence of some peers, I ended up doing the exam that day and not deferring.  Good decision I think – but still could’ve got a better mark.  Since mourning my disappointing grades, I’ve created an action plan for the upcoming 3.5 years of my degree.  This semester’s grades are most likely the result of not concentrating in lectures, messed up classes, boring political topics, and laziness.  On the way home today, my dad said that he would’ve thought I’m capable of achieving higher marks, and getting better grades than my sister. Thanks dad. I hope I won’t let you down next time.