lookbook: parties

I changed the look of my blog.  I like a cleaner feel to it – plus I customized my own banner. How do you like it? ^^  

I think the most ‘realistic’ styles are either when people are either at parties or out and about on the street. By realistic I mean things we can actually wear and can buy around here.  Love runways too, but just can’t get most of it over here.  


I’ve come to realise that fashion requires some braveness.  If you buy this season’s latest trend, you are definitely going to get some comments – good and bad.  The majority of people stay safe and wear what everyone is familiar with, things that are so commonplace that its not even worth commenting about. Fashion can turn out to be disastrous.  But then again, if you really follow fashion and observe, its less likely to go wrong.  I admire those who dare to be different because its these people that create fashion. 

Take for example: I was out shopping with a friend and came across those wet-look tights.  At first, she didn’t like it and thought they made her look like she had been out diving or something.  With my encouragement, she bought a pair with an embossed leopard print on it.  We went out yesterday and she got lots of compliments about them, which made her want to buy another pair!  

Fashion is an addiction.