the fun starts now.

So exams has finished for everyone now.
I’ve been busy with work and juggling all the parties and gatherings – wish they didn’t all clash though.

Had fun with all my girls@dinner k. 


And to sybo~~ have fun in HK!!!
Glad you liked your early birthday present! We have such good taste 😉






On another note, renovations are finally coming to an end. Just waiting on appliances and a few bits and pieces.  This means that there will soon be another trip to IKEA! Will post photos of my new modern kitchen soon. My mum is so proud of it – she thinks its her own work of art.  Dad’s back in HK too. He’ll be bringing my g-ma back home in time for sis’ graduation~ can’t wait!! I miss her so much! 


Three months of summer holidays spent here. 
Lots I want to do, places to go, things to try. 

Ready. Set. GO!