Day two of my study campaign has concluded. Productivity improving from yesterday. Less facebook, less pointless browsing is the way to go. Yes! Finally back on schedule!

I’m currently in the passenger seat in the car writing this blog. That is one of the many advantages of having the iPhone- making better use of time. Or I might be blogging and other random stuff then asking myself how two hours just passed so quickly.

Unfortunately, productivity means also having to pursue a very unhealthy lifestyle. Coffee, snacking, fast food dinners… Eeek! What’s happened to my healthy diet?! I know I must also attribute some blame to my lovely eating buddies where our goals are to influence each other to eat more. Lol. Hmm say, really looking forward to some foreign cuisines and cooking.


The sweets.


Majorly sleep deprived so I feel a headache coming on. For those struggling to concentrate, have a countdown of the days until your exams. Make REALISTIC goals to achieve in a given time frame.

The junk.

Black label juice is the best. 

The sfw.

The view. 


The mess.