The mind can be very creative and innovative when it wants to be. A simple idea can be turned into something completely new and fresh.  Lucky for those who have a great capacity to do this can potentially make lots of money for it.    Here’s a few things I stumbled across during my very productive procrastination.  

USB’s – nearly everyone has one; but I bet they aren’t as cute as these. 

More pics below:


I have to say I have this hidden interest in furniture.  Awaiting for my next visit to IKEA.  I would really love this workstation called ‘globus’.  Looks so futuristic, like something you see in Star Wars!  (Forgot the name of the designer though >.<)



Also discovered new talent from Hong Kong.  As I have said in my previous post, I have lost a bit of interest in chasing up the latest HK-pop songs because I haven’t really found anything I like by the normal bunch of artist.  But last night, I came across a new rock band, “Dear Jane” who has great vocals, guitars and drums.

Their music sounds a bit like Blink 182 x Beyond x Coldplay.  They also featured in Josie Ho’s Live Concerts earlier this year in Hong Kong.  Those who want something fresh and energetic, have a listen to ‘Dear Jane’ and see what you think.  Something to add of my to-dos: go to a music festival or gigs in HK! Anyone want to come with? heee~ 

一步 (One Step)