fix you.

I have fallen for Coldplay all over again. Taking a break from asian pop for the moment until something better comes along. Coldplay, One Republic, Mika, The Veronics, Mariah Carey and Leona Lewis are all on repeat my ipod.

I just youtubed ‘fix you’ and found a video someone made dedicated to The O.C. OH! How I’ve missed that show and missing the charming Seth and Summer!  I’m thinking of starting a proper DVD collection soon.  The whole series of The O.C. will definitely be there.

On the right side controls, I have added widget so you can download some of my favourites.   I’ll be adding more soon.

Feeling quite ill at the mo.  I have a feeling its the constant drinking coffee on an empty stomach that is making me feel abit funny…….oooooowwwww…