debt is painful.

Obviously, spending more or equal to what you earn doesn’t help with saving at all.  An ideal position to be in is if the money you earn from a job is used to make more money – investments, or business.  Unfortunately, in my young and ignorant days, I had somewhat relied on some advice from a 3rd person and acted upon that advice to pursue a little ‘business’.   Lack of planning and no experience whatsoever made my ‘great idea’ (at that time) fail miserably.   That turned out quite grey and now, I’m left with a guilty feeling and a debt which I owe to my dad.  Its like the feeling of having to pay credit card bills at the end of a month because you know a big chunk of your bank balance will be gone… only this feels much worse because I didn’t get anything in return from spending that money.   I will just pretend that I bought a phone and lost it… or misplaced it…

I have to revise my shopping list and think twice about a few things now. Just as this was going on tonight, I stumbled across a few things which sparks my fancy. 

LV iphone 3G case in Damier Graphite

Rayban Wayfarers


…just to name a couple here.  There are so many things that are unnecessary, yet makes you feel good just by wearing it – that’s fashion!  (well honestly speaking, they are necessary to me XD, but I think many people will sigh and say “do you really need that?!”)  

Went out to dinner with ckw in the city and did a bit of window shopping. It only added MORE to the list of ‘to-buys’.   Looking forward to paying the debt off once and for all, which means then I can do some serious saving. 

Pic of the week: ckw spamming the service button at korean restaurant. lol!