Happy days, happy nights.

Nearly every day of this short break as been very full on.
I can feel the tiredness sinking into me. I really need a good rest after this.
Ernest’s 21st Birthday BBQ – thanks for organising everything >3<

Noosa RoadTrip – wow wow, didn’t think we could fit in so many things for just 2 days! Great trip, hope we will have the chance to go on another one later!!

Coffee & Chocolate Dessert @ Paddington – When I pick a restaurant, I usually prefer places with a good atmosphere and obviously good food. So, when I saw Coffee & Chocolate, I already said I will definitely recommend friends here (and saying this not just because it is opened by friend’s family!!). Very modern and fresh interiors with nice drinks and desserts, great for chatting and relaxing. Enjoyed very much!!

Dark Chocolate Chilli Mocha

Xanga Photo upload not working so will most more pics later.
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